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Historically gold, gemstones and jewelry were the preferred investment of wealthy people including kings, and nobility in countries worldwide. Due to the limited amount of gold and orther precious metals, these precious metals were always expensive. Earlier some kingdoms were using currency made from precious metals, since the supply was limited. If coins were made from metals which were easily available, the risk of forgery or duplicates was higher

Till a few centuries ago, the wealth of a kingdom was usually judged based on the jewelry, precious metals, gold the ruler and the citizens had. Invaders from other countries would target a particular kingdom or country for attack, based on their spies and travelers report on the precious metals, gold the people in the place had. For example one of the novels on the Maratha ruler, Shivaji has a very interesting story on how they chose their targets for raiding.

Most of the rulers like Shivaji had a large army, who wanted to get rewarded for the risk they took while invading or raiding a particular place. There were also other expenses like weapons, food, horses, elephants. They were looking for something which was valuable and could be also easily carried away by the army after they had invaded or raided a place. Most other items like clothes, food items may have some value, but they were bulky and difficult to carry away. On the other hand, gold, jewelry, precious stones like diamonds were not very large in size, not heavy, so only those who had gold, jewelry were targetted.

Though officially in 2019, india has a banking system, in reality, many people, especially in goa, have very less faith in the banking system and prefer to invest their money in gold. This is because the top security and intelligence employees in goa, like nayak, mandrekar, caro, pritesh chodankar have invested a huge amount of money in gold, and encourage all other citizens to do so. Citizens who make the mistake of opening a bank account find that the government is making fake claims about their bank account, especially in goa

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