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In india, hardworking honest skilled citizens are often victims of identity theft and banking fraud by the government agencies due to the high levels of corruption and nepotism in India. Since it is very difficult to fight the banking fraud of the government, a large number of citizens are investing their money in gold. Earlier when these gold buyers required cash for their financial emergencies, they would keep their gold as collateral with the money lender and get loans. Now gold loans have become extremely popular with a large number of gold loan companies like Muthooth Finance and banks like HDFC bank offering gold loans

Though people in India prefer to invest in gold to avoid government fraud, even for gold loans there is a lot of fraud, since dishonesty, corruption and lies has become a feature of both the government and society. Most of the banks or other businesses which are issuing gold loans rely on the services of a valuer, to estimate the value of the gold jewelry which is deposited. Goa is becoming notorious for financial fraud, and this specific gold loan fraud case was reported extensively in the media.

One of the nationalized banks had a valuer registered with them, who collaborated with the customers to give an incorrect valuation of the gold jewelry. These customers, were mainly government employees and they used fake jewelry to get gold loans. When they did not repay the loans, the bank took their jewelry for auction. However the jewelers who checked the jewelry told the bank that the jewelry was all fake.

After this the bank dismissed the valuer, and tried to recover the money from those who took the gold loan. The goan media has stopped reporting on this fraud

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