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How dishonest shameless corrupt intelligence agencies encourage people to invest in jewellery/jewelry
Most salaried people are not aware that indian intelligence agencies, CBI, R&AW, NTRo are involved in major identity theft or impersonation frauds, especially on brilliant professionals who are not well connected to steal their savings and resume. These officials are able to manipulate all the digital records including bank savings, post office records of the individual abusing their powers and cannot be questioned or held accountable for their great fraud. Well informed people like detectives are aware of the great fraud that has been taking place especially in the last few years as more records are getting digitized.
Hence people who are not well connected and saving their money in banks, post office will often find that their financial documents are stolen by the extremely powerful intelligence agency officials. These fraud intelligence agency officials will falsely claim that the person with the stolen documents actually has the savings and identity of the person who has worked hard to save the money for a financial emergency or their old age. To justify the identity and impersonation fraud the intelligence agency officials will make completely fake allegations without proof against the innocent hardworking person.
All the friends, business associates and relatives of the targetted individual will be either bribed, coerced or threatened to be part of the elaborate identity theft fraud. Local politicians, lawyers and social workers will also be induced to be part of the fraud offering them part of the savings looted from the hardworking honest person. The mainstream media in India does not document the elaborate fraud taking place, however it seems that small business owners are specifically targetted.
So well informed people will not invest their money in banks and other government schemes, they will invest their money in jewelry. Unlike the savings which can be tracked using the PAN/SSN number, the indian intelligence agency officials do not track the amount invested in jewelry and the current value of the jewelry. High networth individuals who are not well connected are specifically targeted for impersonation frauds, with intelligence agency officials leaking confidential financial information, rewarding all the frauds making completely fake allegations against the high networth individual to justify the resume and identity theft.
The attitude of intelligence agency officials is openly discriminating against honest hardworking individuals who save their money in banks, government and other assets linked to their PAN number. However these officials do not believe that they are wrong, so India has become the largest importer of gold in the world, as most people, especially women, hoard their money in jewelry which is often safely stored in bank lockers. On the other hand educated single women who invest in bank deposits, mutual funds and other assets are subjected to very elaborate impersonation and identity theft frauds wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money by corrupt officials who cannot be held accountable.
Though the government has launch a gold bond scheme, there are very few takers for the scheme as most people are hoarding their black money in jewelry, and do not want the government to know about it. The powerful intelligence agency officials show their dishonesty and hypocrisy when they do not take any action against people with black money, investing in gold and other jewelry, yet make completely fake black money allegations without proof against honest hardworking people who invest their money in bank deposits, mutual funds to steal their resume.
So jewelry has become the preferred investment mode for people with black money especially in countries like India
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